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Rude Boy brings a new exciting concept from the Caribbean.

A range of great tasting, energising, multi-functional drinks from our secret recipe. Each containing herbs and botanicals including the legendary Horny Goat Weed.


At Rude Boy Brands we wanted a drink that encapsulates the RUDE BOY lifestyle, culture and most importantly music. From the pulsing, energetic streets of Kingston to the beaches of Trinidad, we partied the Islands far and wide to create our own alchemy.  

Rude Boy represents a culture of individuality.

The term Rude Boy comes from the Jamaican vernacular which means "bad boy" or "bad man". Deeply rooted in Jamaican and Caribbean culture, the Rude Boy genre of music, dance, film and the arts has positively impacted social attitudes across the world bringing people from different cultures together.

We do what we want and live with pure freedom, because that's what true success is.

The Rude Boy culture is very simple, "nobody tells Rudies what to do, nobody touches the rude boys, and no one can disrespect us". Our brand brings together family ties, loyalty and ultimate success for all Rudies.

We support the grind.

We support every Rudie working hard on the road to success. Rude Boys are above the average person and that is the bottom line.

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